Business Solutions

We base all our Hosting services on Windows Server 2012/2008 Boxes.

We have no limit on web space - what ever your requirements are we provide the Gigabytes

We can provide either Microsoft Database Servers or MySql Database Servers

We use the latest Database servers MSSQL Version 2014, 2012, 2008, 2005 depending on your needs

We use Version 5 of My SQL database server

Your Data is hosted on separate servers from your web site.

If need be Microsoft Access can also be used

We use Smartermail Enterprise Edition for your mail server

Your Mail Server has anti virus and anti spam filters

Your data and sites are backed up daily

We'll credit you a MONTH's service for every hour of interrupted service.

Now that's all the technical information you actually need to not know to have a functional Business website.

As we stated before you only need to understand your business and know your marketing goals to have a functional web site

We do all the hard work for you

A web site is made up of the Hardware, the software and the content.

We provide the Hardware

We use the software .

You simply provide the data


The data is made up of Text and Images

You can supply the text via the inbuilt Editor in your web site

and upload the images directly from your computer using the inbuilt up-loader

or if that is all too hard then send us the text and the images and we will put them on site for you